Thursday, 30 July 2009

Duck & pancakes

What better way to use up my first cucumber? :D

First, shred all the vegetables as thinly as you can - I've used carrots, cucumber and chives here. I think restaurants give you spring onion and cucumber? I can't remember. But anyway, I'm using what I'm using, because it's what I can get from the patch. :)

Next, take a pancake, spread a little hoi sin sauce on it, and pile on the meat and veg.
My MIL made the duck, so I only chucked it in the oven and shredded it up - didn't have to slave in a hot kitchen for hours. :p

The trick here to to wrap it like a sandwich wrap. I've seen people just roll it up, and I hate that, because all the good stuff falls out of the bottom when you're eating, which means you end up eating pancake. Then duck. Then veg.

Then, bite into this:
Yum! :)

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  1. I love duck pancakes, and yours look so yummy.