Sunday, 16 August 2009


After the excitement of the past few days seeing my tomatoes ripening, my mood came tumbling today when I inspected the toms a bit closer. Yes, I have blight. Only a few tomatoes were showing the signs but the unmistakeable blackening of the stems means that the plant had to go to stop it spreading to the others.

One of the cordon plants in the ground is affected so far, with its neighbour showing early signs. I have pulled the affected one up, taking care to remove all the foliage and as much root as possible from the area. It's all going into a bag and to landfill. Blight affected material should never be composted in case the spores linger in your garden.

I had to go to the garden centre to get some Bordeaux mixture. It's approved by the Soil Association for organic use (I think, but the info might be out of date), but I still feel sad and a bit guilty, because, well, I really didn't want to spray anything in the patch. :(

Hopefully, this will slow down the process in the minor affected plant to allow the fruits to ripen, and stop the onset in the other plants. I have over 10kg of tomatoes in the garden. Losing the lot would feel like a stab in the heart. :(

I managed to salvage about 2kg of green tomatoes and have hung the bunch up to ripen. If on inspection tomorrow, any more shows signs of deterioration, I'm going to have to cook the whole lot up into, erm... something that uses green tomatoes.

Chutney, anyone?


  1. Awwww no what a sad post to come back to! I'm sorry you had to spray your patch, good luck with the other tommies!

    Fried green tomatoes? Do they taste good or is it just a film title :D

  2. Thanks Abi, but it's not looking good... :(

    haha... I thought it was the just the title of a film too, until I started looking up green tomato recipe. Apparently, it's a Southern favourite! (America deep south, not Dover or anything...)

  3. Sorry to hear about your summer crop of tomatoes and hope that the treatment is successful and confined.

  4. I think one of my plants is infected. Have been putting off looking at it again, but think action is needed when I get home. Good luck with the rest of your toms. You can always make green tom chutney :-)